• The activated sludge process is the most commonly used biological wastewater treatment process in the world. Activated sludge can biodegrade many organic pollutants, oxidize and remove reduced nitrogen compounds and promote the enhanced removal of phosphate from municipal and industrial wastewaters. Solid backgrounds in process engineering and microbiology are required for the diagnosis, control and resolution of common activated sludge process problems such as deterioration of settling properties, foam formation and loss of specialized organisms.

  • David Jenkins

    is Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley where he taught and conducted research from 1960 to 1999. His interests are in wastewater treatment processes and water chemistry. He is an Honorary Life Member of IWA and WEF and member of the US national Academy of Environmental Engineering. Dr. Jenkins is the recipient of numerous awards that include the IWA Global Water Award and the Samuel Harry Jenkins Award. From WEF he has received the Fair, Camp, Eddy, Pohland and Gasgoine medals. Professor Jenkins continues to be professionally active in consulting, writing and teaching.

  • Steven Leach

    is a senior staff scientist with Novozymes Biologicals, Inc. He has more than 30 years of experience with wastewater biology, including fermentation, filament identification, treatment process evaluation, and onsite analysis during upsets, chlorination, and recovery. He has worked on the installation and start-up of over 20 fixed-film reactors units throughout the country. Steve is widely recognized for his expertise in identifying filaments and protists. He has completed onsite visits to wastewater treatment plants throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia.


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Event schedule

Registration / Registracija

Welcome address and introduction to the course / Pozdrav organizatorja in predstavitev seminarja

The activated sludge process / Procesi v aktivnem blatu

The activated sludge community / Združba aktivnega blata

Discussion / Diskusija

Coffee break / Odmor

Filamentous bulking sludge - causes, control strategies and options for domestic and industrial systems / Napihovanje blata-razlogi, obvladovanje, rešitve za komunalne in industrijske naprave

Protozoa as indicators of activated sludge quality / Protozoa kot indikatorji kvalitete aktivnega blata

Discussion / Diskusija

Lunch / Odmor

Solids separation problems / Težave pri ločevanju aktivnega blata

Management of the deammonification process with physico-chemical and biological analysis / Vodenje procesa deamonifikacije s fizikalno-kemijskimi in biološkimi analizami

Discussion / Diskusija

Activated sludge foaming-causes, control strategies and options / Penjenje blata-razlogi, obvladovanje, rešitve

Characterization of activated sludge throught FISH-can this be directly used for plant operation? / Ocena aktivnega blata s FISH-ali je tehnika uporabna pri procesni kontroli cistilne naprave?

Discussion / Diskusija

Coffee Break / Odmor

Laboratory and Tutorial Session / Delavnica s praktičnim mikroskopskim delom

Basic microscopy: an important skill for WWTP operators / Osnove mikroskopiranja: znanje pomembno za operaterje na bioloških cistilnih napravah

Laboratory / Prakticno delo

Microscopic observation of filamentous bacteria – bulking / Mikroskopsko opazovanje preparatov – napihovanje blata

Lunch / Odmor

Microscopic observation of filamentous bacteria – bulking / Mikroskopsko opazovanje preparatov – napihovanje blata

Coffee Break / Odmor

Case studies by the participants from their WWTP / Predstavitve primerov cistilnih naprav s strani udeležencev

Experience of ultra fine bubble technology usage in WWTP / Izkušnje z uporabo tehnologije ultrafinih mehurčkov na komunalni čistilni napravi

Future development of microbial analytics and process control in activated sludge wastewater treatment / Bodoci razvoj mikrobioloških metod in procesne kontrole aktivnega blata na cistilnih napravah

Discussion / Diskusija

Course summary and certificate presentations / Zakljucek seminarja in razdelitev diplom

Coffee break / Odmor

Excursion to Domžale-Kamnik WWTP / Ekskurzija na CCN Domžale-Kamnik

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